The greatest time to be an author? Could be

Today — this day, in this week during this year — is a great time to be an author, if not the greatest time ever. Many opportunities are open to authors for that important part of book production – and perhaps the most difficult for many of us – getting published.

While people might tell you it is harder today to be published by the traditional method – especially for the first-time writer – avenues are appearing outside the established, large publishers companies making it easier than ever for the author, new or venerable.

These days, you finish that book, you now have a variety of options to pursue, including the traditional way: publishing house prints your book, provides some marketing support. Now, though, you can add self-publishing, though, with its digital — ebook — component, as a means to your end.

Following the time-honored route to print, you had to land an agent, who worked to sell your book to a publishing company, if possible. If your manuscript were accepted, the publishing company bought the rights to your book, edited and designed it, printed it and then provided marketing help, although not always the most efficient or effective.

With this process you had, and still have, if you are lucky enough to land a publishing house contract, the possibility for advance money and up to 14 or 15 percent of the cover price for print royalties. In this new world for authors, you might also land up to one-quarter of the price for e-book royalties.

The ebook is where all the action is these days. With self-publishing, which can be in either print or digital formats, you don’t get an advance and you have to pay for such things as design, editorial, production and marketing support. But, and this is your basic huge but because here’s where it gets very helpful to the writer, you get up to 65 to 70 percent of the cover price for digital royalties. On top of that, you get complete creative control.

Articles on self publishing mention writers who may have labored in other fields but wrote on the side and maybe produced two or three novels, which the traditional firms rejected. Then they turned to self publishing through ebooks and their labors of love not only captured the attention of readers, but sales took off.

Here’s some proof that self publishing has become a permanent, dynamic and highly profitable, to the author in this case, alternative:

Just recently, Penguin, a large traditional publishing house, bought Author Solutions, one of the largest self-publishing entities, for a lot of money ($116 million). As experts have noted, this purchase raised eyebrows because it indicated the publishing industry now recognizes the need to get with the new hot trend of self-publishing to stay in business.



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