Prepping for publication, jury duty keep writer busy

Pardon interruption of this blog, but for the past several days, I found myself immersed in final preparations for publishing my novel, “Jackson Flats,” and with a little something most of us as good citizens of this great country find ourselves facing at one time or another – jury duty.
In the case of my novel, I re-edited and proofed the manuscript four or five times have to make sure no errors, or at least glaring errors, appear in the final text. As a good reader, which I’m sure all of you are, you probably are greatly turned off when mistakes in spelling or grammar, or factual errors appear in a book. I hate it. In fact, it turns me off so much, I will throw the book down in disgust, stop reading and never pick it up again. Has happened a couple of times.
So, I do not want you, as enthusiastic readers, to find any mistakes, especially no glaring errors, in my novel. I will read and re-read the proofs I receive from the publisher with a laser focus to catch any and all errors. This I pledge. When you pick up a copy of “Jackson Flats,” you will know that I and a few other people have combed through it with a close eye and great care to make it as reader friendly as possible.
Again, that is my pledge with this, my first novel, and with all my writing to come. I do so with all my heart. After all, I was a reader(and still am)before I was a writer. I enjoy error-free reads.
The other activity keeping me busy these days is jury duty, here in the county where I live in West Georgia. I received notice in the mail several weeks ago that I had been subpoenaed to serve on a local jury, and being a good citizen, told myself to remember the date and show up. Sure enough, I did.
You don’t get paid much, and it takes a big bite out of your time, but it is one of the sacrifices we are expected to make as U.S. citizens. I can live with it, I tell myself.
I have heard that more and more people are trying to get out of jury duty and that many try to escape in some way, even after they show up at the courthouse. However, the group I am with has a great attitude and few came up with “excuses,” as they were called by the local county clerk, to avoid duty. One woman who is pregnant and looks like see could deliver any day now probably could have cited her situation and begged off. But she decided to stay with it.
Jury duty for the writer, I have found, ain’t so bad. In my case, I have had to sit on my rear end for three days now. Could have used that time to write, yes, but time spent at the courthouse provided some benefits. It has given me plenty of time to think and check all kinds of possible plots for future books. Good, that’s just what I have needed.


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Hi, I'm Chuck, and I'm the author of "Jackson Flats," which you can find on and Kindle books. My Web page is The novel's packed with humor and is a fast read. I also like to travel. I'm especially happy when I can do both and tell others about my experiences. I write about my travel over the globe and close to home. With my posts, you read not only about my travels but about ways to travel lightly and cheaply, and where to stay for less. Travel the world close to home and far away with my posts.
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