My novel, Jackson Flats, now available on!

CWanagerCover1It’s a great news day to start the new year! My novel, Jackson Flats, is now available at Amazon. com and on Kindle! Here are the links:


Kindle download:

Enjoy. And a strong, positive review would be appreciated, of course!

The skinny:
Jake Keening is a 22-year old college graduate who covets an exciting job as a reporter for a big-city newspaper. But the only opening he can find is in a small town on the open plains. He believes he is doomed to cover small-time happenings. He learns differently.


About cwanager77

Hi, I'm Chuck, and I'm the author of "Jackson Flats," which you can find on and Kindle books. My Web page is The novel's packed with humor and is a fast read. I also like to travel. I'm especially happy when I can do both and tell others about my experiences. I write about my travel over the globe and close to home. With my posts, you read not only about my travels but about ways to travel lightly and cheaply, and where to stay for less. Travel the world close to home and far away with my posts.
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