Muddled mist


My mojito in La Bodeguita

my daiquiri in El Floridita

— Ernest Hemingway

Papa cradles crystal glass

channels through choices

chooses from all selections

to mingle in the mist

“Drink! It’s for you!”

Calls the proprietor of Bodeguita

A pull, a shake of the

head, a nod of approval

his poison, they say

his favorite? Maybe so

Recipe for easy copy

simple syrup, rum, lime

 Take makings

into shaker

right rum be tasty

like your writing

shake well and pour

your life out raw

a highball for numbing

for living unrestrained

Drink well great writer

drink well bearded mojito,

bearded friend

breaded fate

Top with

club soda and with mint sprig garnish


Sail Pilar

Fuentes struggles to gauge

so drink and sail in comfort

hand to lip

In shaker, lightly muddle the mint.

Bearded Mojito

Garnish your life

drink and forget

deep darkness, drown the past

drink and live

for one more sail,

one more

run down the page

Mojito, a toast

Does he know it

will send him to the rocks

a collision with reality

in the maze of a mind

Ice chill and cool

tongue mind demons

Shaken muddled mist



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Hi, I'm Chuck, and I'm the author of "Jackson Flats," which you can find on and Kindle books. My Web page is The novel's packed with humor and is a fast read. I also like to travel. I'm especially happy when I can do both and tell others about my experiences. I write about my travel over the globe and close to home. With my posts, you read not only about my travels but about ways to travel lightly and cheaply, and where to stay for less. Travel the world close to home and far away with my posts.
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