Young man

Young man

big red can

frozen to camper

big white old

ready to go – cold

Stocking cap

purple in back

stung hands chapped

bitter wind slapped

strong gray bold

temps break mode

Sleeping bag lady

large green weighty

cold type cries to many

“Out of work! Hungry!”

hurry blue groc bag

filled to top – sags

Onto Interstate

new black hard

camper pulls out

lady starts to shout

need a ride, man

young man cold slam



About cwanager77

Hi, I'm Chuck, and I'm the author of "Jackson Flats," which you can find on and Kindle books. My Web page is The novel's packed with humor and is a fast read. I also like to travel. I'm especially happy when I can do both and tell others about my experiences. I write about my travel over the globe and close to home. With my posts, you read not only about my travels but about ways to travel lightly and cheaply, and where to stay for less. Travel the world close to home and far away with my posts.
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