Budgie wants his tweet back, so he …

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Sixteen Windows: a great book

Sixteen Windows

Poetry by Chuck Wanager


of mind and soul

Buy it now on Amazon.com


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Muddled mist


My mojito in La Bodeguita

my daiquiri in El Floridita

— Ernest Hemingway

Papa cradles crystal glass

channels through choices

chooses from all selections

to mingle in the mist

“Drink! It’s for you!”

Calls the proprietor of Bodeguita

A pull, a shake of the

head, a nod of approval

his poison, they say

his favorite? Maybe so

Recipe for easy copy

simple syrup, rum, lime

 Take makings

into shaker

right rum be tasty

like your writing

shake well and pour

your life out raw

a highball for numbing

for living unrestrained

Drink well great writer

drink well bearded mojito,

bearded friend

breaded fate

Top with

club soda and with mint sprig garnish


Sail Pilar

Fuentes struggles to gauge

so drink and sail in comfort

hand to lip

In shaker, lightly muddle the mint.

Bearded Mojito

Garnish your life

drink and forget

deep darkness, drown the past

drink and live

for one more sail,

one more

run down the page

Mojito, a toast

Does he know it

will send him to the rocks

a collision with reality

in the maze of a mind

Ice chill and cool

tongue mind demons

Shaken muddled mist


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Long hair don’t care

Long hair don’t care

tattoo on face no disgrace

long distance no resistance

drinks sought not a sot

like to brag no scumbag

long shot why not

near miss got a kiss

tempting fate

got a date

catching fire

then a mire

work it out

ain’t no doubt

make out

twist n shout

long distance

some insistence

long hair

don’t go there





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hummingbird zip

A park

crimson mankhet

gleaming ruby in gold,

undulates, hovers and zips

then hangs on blurred wings

vibrating in dynamic queue

for a landing, clear and unhurried

Feet to plastic

and wings whipping,

dips its tongue, steadies,

darts off as others zip

whirl-drawn to prized nectar

One chases off another,

while two circle and

slip by, slip and zip

up and round and by

zip, zip, sip, circle,

whirl, slip, zip, zip,

sip, sip, dart off to sip again.

A play scape

Children display skills

circling wood structure,

with slide and steps and bright red top.

It draws them in to climb and slide,

climb and slide, climb, climb, climb,

one runs off another, while two slip

by and slide, scream and yell,

giggle and laugh, scream and laugh,

laugh, laugh, slide and climb.

Triggers memories of

my children’s wild and random pleasure

when they, too, honed their skills.

A flow

Children up and down, around

and around back to base with

crimson security round,

climb and slide, climb and slide

meld with nature’s motion, climb and slide,

dart and climb, hover and zip

sip, sip, sip, sip

zip, sip, zip, sip, sip

climb and slide, climb and slide

zip, sip, sip, zip, zip, climb,

zip, slide, sip, sip, sip

climb and slide, zip and slide

sip and slide

zip, zip, sip

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Children at play

Children at play, El Maguelar, Honduras

photo by Chuck Wanager, 7.12.18



Play with Freddie El Maguelar school 7.12.18

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Budgie gets its tweet back!

A children’s book by Chuck Wanager to be released soon!

get 2

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