Children at play

Children at play, El Maguelar, Honduras

photo by Chuck Wanager, 7.12.18

Play with Freddie El Maguelar school 7.12.18

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Budgie gets its tweet back!

A children’s book by Chuck Wanager to be released soon!

get 2

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11 July, 2018 19:41

Good evening


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You him me

You him me

at top of paper scrap

on the cell floor

up from him to me


In zebra basic

in masked light

their survival game

in X’s bold like

scissors slashing


The runes run circles

round like wombs,

and more X’s and circles

block and clash and

point across, up or down.


Lines pile up and

enfilade the scrap,

engage and trail off, some

gashed by garish spears

black as death


Have the fates of you,

him me been decided?

Have they all gone

to the sign of the

cross, the sideways X?


A little scrap down

they reappear – the

circles becoming life,

the X’s ready to delete all

You, him, me

play at fate again.



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Writer Dude nominated for Author of the Year

 have been nominated for Author of the Year Award presented by the Georgia Writers Association. This is great news. Nominated for my poetry book, “Sixteen Windows.” I dedicate it to all my friends and readers. I love you!

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Now’s your chance to own these fine books by Writer Dude, Chuck Wanager

author page 6.13.18

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Dance magic

Dance magic

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