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Good evening



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You him me

You him me

at top of paper scrap

on the cell floor

up from him to me


In zebra basic

in masked light

their survival game

in X’s bold like

scissors slashing


The runes run circles

round like wombs,

and more X’s and circles

block and clash and

point across, up or down.


Lines pile up and

enfilade the scrap,

engage and trail off, some

gashed by garish spears

black as death


Have the fates of you,

him me been decided?

Have they all gone

to the sign of the

cross, the sideways X?


A little scrap down

they reappear – the

circles becoming life,

the X’s ready to delete all

You, him, me

play at fate again.



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Writer Dude nominated for Author of the Year

 have been nominated for Author of the Year Award presented by the Georgia Writers Association. This is great news. Nominated for my poetry book, “Sixteen Windows.” I dedicate it to all my friends and readers. I love you!

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Now’s your chance to own these fine books by Writer Dude, Chuck Wanager

author page 6.13.18

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Dance magic

Dance magic

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It’s no place to be

at the end of the

ride, the dazed driver

stop sign hidden at dead man’s curve


Let me run with endorphins,

splash drop in dolphins withdraw

from gloom at Del Ray hit the beach at Malibu

ride Pike’s summit


Sum up great equations, drop into a

black hole, short lightning fields

let me be a Calie creature ceaselessly

rocking with the surf, rolling over


Swells, hitting the pipeline to

blue over blue in the dark tube

mermaids tumble and sweep

in greens and blues and reds


The scent of fresh spring sprayed

make me a DeSoto

but this time with inboard DSL

and finding it, let me


Chug it all and laugh/pull me from

my keyboard, my chest board

my room and board

guide me to my


Fingerboard my sounding board

to freedom tuned

in new dimensions

through multiple universes


Sequentially drifting

in parallel time




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Play Sgt. Pepper one more time Literary fiction, a fictional memoir Solstice Publishing, 2015 by Chuck Wanager on Amazon.com and Barnes&Noble.com or cwanager77@yahoo.com Chuck Wanager is the author of three books, all of which have been nominated for the Author of the Year award presented by the Georgia Writers Association. His memoir, Play Sgt. Pepper one more time; a novel, was published in 2015 by Solstice Publishing of Farmington, Mo.; Jackson Flats, Vabella, 2013, and a collection of his poetry, Taking our love offline, 2015, also Vabella. His background includes more than 30 years as a newspaper reporter-editor. During that time, he won awards for feature writing and for news stories written under deadline. In addition, he has written a play, screenplays and short stories. This memoir, Play Sgt. Pepper One More Time, teams a lean, fast-paced style with humor to give you a rewarding reading experience. It has won considerable praise among his peers, critics and fellow local writers. Play Sgt. Pepper One More Time is what Wanager calls a virtual memoir – although fictional, it’s based on his life, which as shown in the book, bursts with challenges and attempts to overcome them. The basic incidents and events recounted are founded in truth. It is published under a pen name to emphasize the fictional nature of many of the details. On his book, the author says: Most of us don’t get a chance to live life over. Jason, the main character, didn’t, either. But when he reached the apprehension-inducing age of 62, events led him to look back. Prospects were gloomy – single, no job and little savings with retirement fast approaching. He had a mission: review his past and learn from his mistakes. He would use his skills as an investigative reporter to find reasons for the missteps then use those findings to live a better, more harmonious life. He would be happier and his family would be happier. And he could maybe live life again – better, anyway. Play Sgt. Pepper One More Time begins with the struggle confronting him – the physical ones, like unemployment, and the emotional ones, depression and anger and their fellow travelers. And he’s facing a major move. From there, he works double time to begin his review of his life. Along the way, he’s joined by a girlfriend, Skylark, who aids him in his search and provides both moral support and the integrity to criticize him when she thinks he is wrong. His commitment leads him to counseling and a dig into his family background. He also consults his genes, which reveal some revealing details. The book includes romance and generous doses of personal insight as the author guides you forward in this rewarding journey of self discovery.

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